Camp Leases

The Lafourche Parish Game and Fish Commission (Commission) has authority to issue permits for camp leases within the Lake Field/Lake Long Game and Fish Preserve (Preserve). Approximately 115 camp leases have been granted along Bayou Folse (Camp Canal), Bayou Dumar, and Nolan Toups Canal. No camp leases are granted in or around Lake Long.

At their August 2018 monthly meeting, the Commission approved a motion that the annual camp lease rate for transferred or new leases shall be $440 for a lot with 100 foot frontage or less and $0.50 per foot for that portion over 100 feet. Commission bylaws state that the camp lease rate shall be similar to comparable local camp lease rates; as an example, the Office of State Lands charges $439 per year for camp sites around Lake Bouef in Lafourche Parish.

The Commission's policy and procedures for a camp lease transfer follows. First, the following documents should be downloaded: Lease Checklist Form and Camp Lease Document. Second, the following conditions and stipulations shall apply to all new (except for number 1), amended or transferred camp site leases before a transfer of funds or an act of donation occurs:
  1. Approval from the Lafourche Parish Game and Fish Commission that the lease site complies with all terms and conditions of the lease document. Compliance may be determined through: a field inspection or personal knowledge by a Commission member; or the buyer or seller providing suitable images showing entry pipe of the sewer containment tank, camp and other physical structures, lot from four directions, docks and bulkheads, and bank(s) of the lot where it meets the water.
  2. The new lease holder is aware of the annual lease rate of $440 for 100-foot frontage or less plus $0.50 per foot for that frontage greater than 100 feet.
  3. The new lease holder: has read the camp lease document; will comply with all terms and conditions of the lease document; accept the property and physical improvements on the lease site in its present condition; assume all liabilities and responsibility for maintaining property and physical improvements in a clean and presentable manner; and, comply with applicable federal, state, or local regulations.
The new lease holder must sign the Lease Checklist Form to acknowledge the above.

After initial lease approval from the Commission concerning the lease site and the submittal of the signed Lease Checklist Form, the applicant will be provided a filled out Lease Assignment Form; alternatively, the applicant may download the document (Lease Assignment Form) and fill it out themselves.

Final approval of a lease transfer, amended lease, or new lease (except number 3) will not occur until the following is received:
  1. Original signed Lease Checklist Form plus a witness signature.
  2. Original signed Lease Assignment Form plus a witness signature.
  3. Original notarized copy of the bill of sale or act of donation.
  4. A check of $105 payable to the Lafourche Parish Game and Fish Commission for the Clerk of Court filing fee.
After the paper work is filed, the Commission will mail a copy of the recorded lease to the lease holder.

There is currently a moratorium on new camp lots; however, the Commission will have another camp lease lottery later in 2019. The annual camp lease rate for the lottery leases shall be $440 for a lot with 100 foot frontage or less plus $0.50 per foot for that portion over 100 feet.

The embedded Bing web site map can be used to inspect the potential camp sites. The link below the image can be used for a larger size map.

State legislation passed during the 2012 legislative session expanded the coastal zone in Lafourche Parish to include the Lake Fields/Lake Long Preserve. Certain construction activities in the coastal zone will require a state coastal use permit (CUP). A camp per se does not require a CUP; however, a CUP is required if fill or spoil materials are placed on the lot, a hole is dug for the mandated septic system, or a bulkhead, boat house, or dock is constructed. If you have already constructed your camp, a CUP will still be required if you build or repair a bulkhead, dock, or boat house, place fill on your lot, or dig a hole for a septic system.

If you have any questions about whether your desired project would require a CUP, please contact the Lafourche Parish Coastal Zone Management office at (985)632-4666 or email at [] or the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources at 800-342-4019 or 225- 342-7519. The state will also be opening an outreach office in Thibodaux one day a week to meet with residents in person. That office will be open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursdays at 1440 Tiger Drive, Suite B. You may also obtain information from the Parish web site at the coastal zone management page or the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources web site. Lease holders who are exempt from state coastal use permits may still have to apply for federal permits with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.