Welcome to the Lafourche Parish Game and Fish Commission Web Site. The Commission manages and governs the Lake Fields/Lake Long Game and Fish Preserve (see official state lands map), which includes Lake Fields, Lake Long, and surrounding property up to their historic high water meander lines of 1857 minus any property sold or transferred by the State of Louisiana.

Goals and/or activities of the Commission center around the following un-prioritized list:
  • camp lease management
  • harvest permits (alligators, nutria, etc.)
  • improving water quality and habitat
  • increasing fish and wildlife populations
  • enhancing the recreational and tourism potential of the Preserve
The Commission has been involved in several projects or activities over the last few years, including this web site, a Lake Fields cleanup, development of a Lake Fields restoration plan leading to a cooperative restoration project with the North Lafourche Levee District, updated restoration plans for Lake Fields and Lake Long, development of plans for an outdoor center, posting of boundary signs, incorporation of Lake Long under Commission jurisdiction, and two camp lot lotteries.

Contact information:
  • Mail = Lafourche Parish Game and Fish Commission; PO Box 215; Lockport, LA 70374
  • Phone = (985)532-3131
  • FAX = (985)532-3131
  • EMAIL = []

Announcements / Monthly Meeting


Monthly Meeting:
  • When: Mext meeting will be on Monday, April 10 at 6:30pm
  • Where: Lockport Town Hall
  • Agenda:
    • Commission Debit Card
    • Camp Signs
    • Commission Field Trip
    • Canceled Lottery Leases
    • Alligator Egg Collection / Alligator Release
    • Bass Fry / Fingerlings Stockings
    • Marking Lake Fields Structure
    • Nuisance Alligators Near Camp Sites
    • Lake Long Restoration Project Permits
    • Discharge of Firearms From Camp Leases / Illegal Camp Lot Deer Stand
    • Refusal of New Camp Lease Document / Lease Cancellation

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