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Welcome to the Lafourche Parish Game and Fish Commission Web Site. The Commission manages and governs the Lake Fields/Lake Long Game and Fish Preserve (see official state lands map), which includes Lake Fields, Lake Long, and surrounding property up to their historic 1987 high water meander lines minus any property sold or transferred by the State of Louisiana.

According to Article 2 of the Bylaws, the purposes of the Commission are to manage and govern the territorial area as referenced in Article I to: enhance the wildlife and fisheries resources of the area for the use of the general public in a recreational or commercial endeavor; encourage tourism through sound management of a recreational based programs of sport fishing and hunting activities; establish and maintain an environment conducive to the recreational needs of the Parish of Lafourche; and, engage in or allow the taking of certain species of wildlife and or fishes for commercial purposes.

To accomplish the above, specific activities of the Commission have centered around the following un-prioritized list: improving water quality and habitat and increasing fish and wildlife populations through restoration projects and Preserve cleanups; enhancing the recreational and tourism potential of the Preserve; camp lease management; and, harvest permits (alligators, nutria, etc.).

In recent years, the Commission has been involved in numerous specific projects or activities:

  • adoption of bylaws
  • creation of this web site
  • development of a lease holder email list to facilitate communication
  • updated camp lease documents
  • Restoration/Environmental
  • currently working with Ducks Unlimited with a written cooperative agreement to apply for coastal use permits and perform preliminary engineering and design and a verbal understanding to apply for restoration funds for the Commission and be the project manager for restoration projects.
  • development of a comprehensive Lake Fields/Lake Long restoration plan
  • a cooperative restoration project with the North Lafourche Levee District to dredge and deepen lower Bayou Folse and create shoreline terraces along the northern Lake Fields shoreline
  • closure of numerous unneeded cuts along the eastern shoreline of lower Bayou Folse
  • two Lake Fields trash and derelict vessel cleanups
  • introduced Parish Ordinances to restrict new cuts along Preserve bayous and canals and to prohibit waterfowl hunting within 500 feet of a camp
  • monitoring of historic and current coastal use permit activities
  • Other
  • introduction of state legislation to include Lake Long under Commission jurisdiction
  • introduction of Parish ordinances to disallow firearm discharges on camp lots and to restrict waterfowl hunting within 500 feet of a camp
  • two camp lot lotteries
  • posting of various signs (Preserve boundaries, spoil bank restrictions, no wake zones, etc.)
  • development of plans for an outdoor center

  • Commission Public Meeting

    When: Monday, January 25, at 3:00 pm

    Where: Parish Council Meeting Room, Mathews Parish Government Building

    COVID-19 Protocol:Parish government requires that “total capacity allowed in the Council Chambers is 42, 6 foot distancing must be adhered to. and masks must be worn within the Chambers. Please comply with these restrictions.

    Business Items: Call to Order Roll Call Adoption of Agenda Approval of December, 2021 Minutes Secretary’s Report Financial Report Public Input Business Future Commission Meetings; DOA And Census Bureau Reports; Maintenance Dredging Permit; Unapproved Camp Sale And Division of Lease; Sewage Treatment Violation; Commission Bylaws Revision; Other Business; Election of Chairman and Vice-chairman; Next Meeting / Agenda; Adjournment.

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